HH Ranch Invitation

Marc, Tricia, Carson and Charlie,

Winter is approaching.

We have watched your videos and wish to extend an offer.

We invite you to visit “Hold Harmless Ranch” in McAllen, TX anytime during the winter months.

If you travel to San Antonio and upon arriving chose to travel another 233 miles to the South you would find yourself in our region of the world.

An additional 90 cubic yards of concrete is being poured out at our Ranch Property on 21 September. Barring any unforeseen delays the 2,400 square foot Lean To should be completed by 28 September. The workshop would also be available for any maintenance, modifications, or fixes.

You are welcome to set your rig up at Hold Harmless Ranch, 20 Miles North of the city and/or stay in the city at our home. Our home can accommodate your Ford. Your vehicle in the city will be parked behind a sliding gate for added security. We have 2 extra bedrooms in the city that go unused.

The choices are yours.

Until I retire -AGAIN- our website will not address my work history. In short here is the rundown; Retired Helicopter Pilot for the US Army (27 Years) and I now fly Helicopters for DHS.

Touring the rest of our website should answer any additional questions you may have.

Stay Safe,
Paul Scott Olmes and Lisa Rogers