About Us

We named our Heartland Bighorn 3930PC “The Heartland Express”. The Heartland Express will undergo approximately 80,000 dollars in upgrades at our workshop before leaving the station. After our Bighorn is delivered we will begin documenting all our modifications in detail. This documentary will be known as our “Video Diary”.

The crewmembers of “The Heartland Express” are:

Your Conductor is Scott

Your Engineer is my wife Mirna aka Lisa

Your virtual crewmember taking on the role of Ambassador is my daughter, AmandaScott aka Scottie

AmandaScott is busy in her 4th year at Auburn University but will try to make appearances. AmandaScott has yet to determine the college for her postgraduate work.

The “pulse” of The Heartland Express is our Chihuahua named Cujina. Cujina’s name is derived from combining Cujo and Nina. Cujina’s name is pronounced like a person using a heavy Japanese accent would pronounce Godzilla.