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We have decided to turn “Hold Harmless Ranch” into a “Destination”. This work will take approximately 2 years.

Next up is the construction of a 2,400 SqFt Home coupled to a 2,400 SqFt Garage with a 2,400 SqFt Game Room above the garage and a 1200 SqFt patio. The plan is for this structure to be placed adjacent to the Workshp/Canopy.

An enclosed pool will be built on the south side of the canopy. Under the Canopy will be a 10 person Hot Tub as well as a Chef’s corner.

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WHO is Mr. Bill


The Heartland Express will offer exclusive coverage of Mr. Bill’s flight training, the construction of the launch pad, the building of the rocket, and all rocket launches.

In anticipation of mishaps we constructed the “Mr. Bill Trauma Center” to provide Mr. Bill with immediate onsite care.

We would like to take a moment to thank our Sponsors/ Donors – Reynolds Wrap and Coleman Lanterns. Without their support the Space Suit / Heat Shield and Helmet would not have been possible.

Mr. Bill’s Reynolds Wrap – Space Suit / Heat Shield and Coleman Lantern Helmet

Our EPISODES consist of:

    • Unscripted
    • Unedited…and
    • Unbelievable
    • HEARTLAND NEWS!Premiering March 2022

and The EXPLOITS of Mr. Bill and Spot

  • SPACE WHY? pages will be made up of the following chapters:
    • MBSFT – Mr. Bill’s Space Flight Training
    • MBTCE – Mr. Bill’s Trauma Center Experiences
    • THELPC – “THE” Launch Pad Construction
    • THECRB – “THE” Custom Rocket Build

Meet SPOT our newest crewmember and Mr. Bill’s ardent defender!

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We poured an additional 1200 SqFt of concrete for a total of 6000 SqFt

THUNDER’s LED Light Installation is Complete!

THUNDER’s LED Grill Upgrade is Complete!

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